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    December 7th, 2019

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    What is TEDxDeltnorneWomen?

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxDelthorneWomen, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxDelthorneWomen, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion around the topic Better Together. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.


    TEDWomen is a TED event curated by TED that focuses on women and women’s issues. TEDxWomen events are TEDx events that follow the live webcast of TEDWomen, and also feature live and local speakers. Our event is called TEDxDelthorneWomen and we are one of the many TEDx events that will happen around the world on December 7th, 2019. We will expand upon the ideas brought up at TEDWomen, while also relating it back to the Women of Los Angeles.




    Lead Curator

    Eraina Ferguson

    Eraina Davis-Ferguson is a creative nonfiction writer currently penning a memoir about raising a daughter with autism and deafness. Her story was featured in “The New Haven Register” She holds an M.Ed in Education and an MAR in Religion from Yale University. As a TEDx speaker, her story has been featured in Fairygodboss and Black Enterprise Magazine.




    Speaker Coach

    Tabby Biddle

    For over a decade, Tabby Biddle has been working at the forefront of the movement for gender equality and the advancement of women and girls -- as a writer, leadership coach, consultant and educator. She has been hailed by the United Nations Foundation as "a voice for women and girls around the world," and by Global Girl Media as "one of the true feminist and fierce leaders of our movement for gender equity in media and representation." Through Tabby’s speaking appearances, group classes and private coaching practice, she has supported thousands of women on their path into greater leadership, from business leaders, to media personalities, to filmmakers, to celebrity activists, to artists, to students, to entrepreneurs.
    Tabby is the bestselling author of Find Your Voice: A Woman's Call to Action, the creator and lead facilitator of Women on the TEDx Stage, and the co-creator and co-director of 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment. Tabby has been both a TEDx speaker and United Nations Press Fellow, and has been featured by The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, Current TV, NPR, among other international media. She received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College in New York City and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colby College. She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her husband and young son.
  • Our Speakers

    Elaine Hall

    Founder of The Miracle Project

    Elaine Hall, is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, media personality, award winning writer, consultant and life coach. She was a top Hollywood acting coach when her son, adopted from a Russian orphanage, was diagnosed with autism. When traditional therapies did not work, she developed an innovative creative-based methodology to reach him. These methods now evidence-based, became the backbone of The Miracle Project a fully inclusive, expressive, performing arts and social skills program, profiled in the HBO Emmy winning film, Autism: The Musical and being replicated across the globe.


    Considered a pioneer in creating neurodiverse theater and film programs, Elaine has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, on CNN, CBS, NPR, HBO and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Her memoir, Now I See the Moon was the official selection by the UN for World Autism Awareness Day and her text book, Seven Keys to Unlock Autism: Making Miracles in the Classroom, is used at Brown University. Elaine is a consultant to and invited keynote speaker by the United Nations where officials from the United Nations have recently referred to her latest presentation with her son as being “groundbreaking, even for the UN.”


    Elaine coaches parents, volunteers, educators, and other professionals how to see the ability within disability. She consults with TV and Film writers, producers and directors including Sony Pictures, Netflix, and Disney to help assure their content authentically portrays individuals of all abilities.. She and her husband, Jeff Frymer, live in Santa Monica, California where she is also a personal life coach guiding others to live their dreams and create their own miraculous lives.



    Joyce Shulman

    Founder and CEO of Macaroni Kid & 99 Walks​

    Joyce Shulman is a serial entrepreneur, idea junkie, addicted skier, and recovering attorney. As the founder and CEO of Macaroni Kid, she helped build a multi-million dollar media company that delivers hyper-local content to families across the US and Canada. Joyce has empowered more than 1,000 women to create and build their own businesses and speaks regularly on issues relating to women and work.


    Her decade of experience with moms revealed two of the most pervasive challenges confronting moms: moms are lonely and suffering from a health and wellness crisis. Through extensive research and her own experiences, Joyce discovered that walking is magic for women, and recently launched 99 Walks -- a company on a mission to get a million women walking.

    Georgetta Foreman

    Hollywood TV Producer

    Georgetta Foreman is the daughter of Two-Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman. According to the Washington Post, Georgetta Foreman is one of the top 50 most famous George's in the world along with her father and her five brothers all named George. George Foreman is not only a titleholder in the ring, but also mastered being a pitchman and "King of the Grill" for the Lean Mean Grilling Machine also know as the George Foreman Grill.


    George started mentoring Georgetta at a very young age. By 15 she was traveling as her father's assistant during his many grueling boxing matches, teaching her the ropes of the world in sports and media. Soon Georgetta became George’s Head of Media Relations. Georgetta still says one of the most memorable moments of her career was working with her father during the height of the George Foreman Grill sales and being on the ground when Big George signed his legendary 100 million dollar deal with Salton. Georgetta inherited George's infectious smile, big personality, and hard work ethic. They are currently collaborating on the George Foreman Podcast.


    Georgetta juggled her father's endeavors and her own interests in broadcast journalism. She hosted her own radio show at a Gospel Radio Station KJTX in East Texas that broadcasted throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Georgetta later produced and hosted shows on TV-3 Malibu and Pepperdine University Radio. Georgetta freelanced in both production and marketing departments at HBO Sports. She even starred in a Meineke Commercial alongside her famous father. Georgetta continued using her media savvy gifts as a Television Producer for Divorce Court, Judge Alex, and Texas Justice at Twentieth Television and as Senior Trade-Out/Prize Producer with the CBS game show Let's Make A Deal, and currently produces five scripted court shows at Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.


    Rabbi Sara Berman

    Rabbi and Chaplain

    Rabbi Sara Berman graduated Phi Betta Kappa from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in women's Studies. She is an ordained rabbi and board-certified chaplain.

    While a student at UCSanta Cruz, she worked as a nursing assistant in a long-term psychiatric facility.  While in rabbinical school, she did a chaplain residency at UCLA Medical Center, and while there, she focused on the Neuro-Psychiatric Institue.  Years later, she became a patient in the same facility.  Rabbi Sara Berman has shared her experience, both professional and personal, with rabbis and chaplains throughout the country.  She has also been a guest on several radio shows throughout the country.  She is author of the book: Ben'Oni l'Benyamin: From Sorrow to Strength, My Journey with Depression.  She hopes that by speaking and sharing her story, she can help end the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness about the debilitating affects of depression.

    Rabbi Sara Berman works as manager of the spiritual care department at Providence Tarzana Medical Center. She is a certified trainer in Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid. During her free time, she loves to spend time with family.

    She has two kids, two dogs, two cats, and one husband.


    Chioma Agbahiwe


    Chioma Agbahiwe is an entrepreneur, community advocate, speaker and caregiver. The Los Angeles native graduated from California State University at Northridge where she began her business education at the age of 16.Chioma then began her career in corporate and sales and later entered non-profit management. As a community advocate, Chioma works to see that equitable resources are distributed to underserved communities. This work is done through the Lillian Mobley Multipurpose Center and the Watts Towers Community Action Council.


    Because of her passion for entrepreneural ventures, Chioma leveraged her previous education and experience to found The Amadia Group, LLC, a consulting firm focused on personal, professional and business development training for emerging entrepreneurs. She uses the knowledge gained from leading organizations and serving on numerous boards and councils to help people effectively develop the strategies needed to prosper. Chioma teaches her clients how to use the skills, talents and expertise they already possess to create purpose and impact businesses that add value to our society.


    As a caregiver to her mother who has Multiple Sclerosis, Chioma believes we all have the power to live fulfilled and purposeful lives by affirming who we are, amplifying our voice and committing to our purpose.


    Meghan Nechrebecki 

    Healthcare Administration Expert

    Meghan Nechrebecki is a healthcare administration expert based in Los Angeles, CA who has been innovating across the complex U.S. healthcare system for over a decade. She is the Founder and CEO of Health Care Transformation, a boutique healthcare consulting firm focused on creating a value-based consumer-centric healthcare system. She is also the founder of The Health Care Cube that educates folks on how to navigate their healthcare experiences through videos + tools curated by top healthcare experts. Prior to founding Health Care Transformation and The Health Care Cube, Meghan worked across a breadth and depth of the U.S. healthcare system including city and state government, insurance, providers, and start-ups. Meghan graduated at the top of her class at Johns Hopkins with a Master's of Science in Public Health and was a Hilldale Scholar in cancer research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


    Meghan is the author of My Health Care Transformation Handbook: Everything I Need to Manage and Improve My Health. Filled with Meghan's healthcare expertise, this book guides you to optimally navigate and manage your health across clinicians and insurance. Meghan is a speaker and author who has been featured across many written articles, shows, and podcasts, including the Food Heals podcast and Good Morning LaLa Land. Health Care Transformation is a boutique healthcare consulting firm that partners with healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations to achieve high-quality consumer-centric care.



    Nada Lena

    Founder of Rise Up For You

    Nada Lena is a Professor, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Rise Up For You. With over 10 years of experience as a college professor in leadership and a former top executive, Nada understands the importance of fusing education, empowerment, and leadership together. She founded Rise Up For You in 2016, an educational and motivational company that provides strategies and solutions to enhance company culture and people development. Through interactive and experiential events, one to one coaching, corporate training, and online programs, Rise Up For You puts special focus on the people, emotional, and social skills needed to be successful personally and professionally. The company has been featured on CBS, Face The Truth with Vivica A. Fox, and Lebanon’s National Prime News Channel, LBC News.


    Most recently Nada had the opportunity to share her expertise at Google's largest conference of the year Cloud Next ‘19, where she worked with tech industry participants and C-Suite executives on Career Confidence, Leadership, and Career Strategy. In addition, she has presented and spoken for multiple platforms and conferences such as The California Human Resources Conference, UCLA Extended Learning, and Lead the Way Educators Conference. Nada was awarded the Chief's Award from the Orange County Sheriff's Department for her work in 2018 and is a two-time finalist for The Emerging Woman-Owned Business Award from Connected Women of Influence.

    Dena Crowder

    Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO) and Writer

    Dena Crowder is on a mission to revolutionize the world’s relationship to Power. As a speaker, writer and transformational leader, she helps spiritually-connected, highly creative game changers align their skills with their souls, answer their Higher Calling, uplift projects and businesses, and shift the status quo.

    As a high performance strategist, she works one-on-one with founders in multiple industries-from tech to entertainment- helping them navigate pressure, avoid pitfalls, eschew the Dark Side, and stay the course of pure power while building profitable ventures. She also serves as a CSO for cutting edge organizations whose top priorities include having a healthy "spirit and soul."
    Dena has designed innovative programs for prison parolees, judges associations, CEOs, CNN heroes, Emmy and Grammy winners, as well as executives at many organizations including Nike, Disney, Nestle, and Fox. “The Essential Woman,” a course she created at the start of her career, served hundreds of women in multiple cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Some of those women have blossomed into world-renowned authors and activists, and credit Dena's teachings as a critical element in their success.

    She's been featured in numerous formats both online and in print, such as Essence magazine, The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, Body and Soul, Aquarian Times, BBC.com, was a Hot Topic on "The View," and is a frequent podcast guest. Dena graduated with honors from Marlborough School for Girls, Columbia College in NYC (BA), USC School of Journalism/Communications (MA) and has been rigorously trained by masters in the fields of personal development, meditation, communication, and spirituality. A third generation Californian, Dena lives in Los Angeles. Find her at: denacrowder.com


    Jozanne Marie

    Actress and Writer

    Jozanne Marie is an acclaimed actress, playwright, poet, speaker, author and an advocate for women.


    Her newly released memoir, BEAUTIFUL, Unashamed and Unafraid is touching lives around the world and now been adapted to be turned into a feature film by one of Hollywood’s top entertainment company. Recently she has been cast in a supporting role in the upcoming feature film, Quiet In My Town.


    This Jamaican born multi-talented artist is also a NAACP Theatre Awards WINNER for Best Solo Show – BEAUTIFUL. Which she also wrote and performed. BEAUTIFUL has garnered critical acclaim by various news outlets, magazines and celebrities. Critic’s Choice in the LA Times and Best of the Week in LA Weekly. This journey led Jozanne to start the National Beautiful Campaign.


    Her most recent appearance was in Montreal, Canada presented by the High Commissioner of Jamaica, Janice Miller and the Jamaican Consulate of Montreal, Mr. George Grant. With two shows and an audience of 600 in attendance, Mr. George Grant said - Jozanne Marie have demonstrated the high standards of excellence that Jamaica has come to expect from its sons and daughters. With her performance she have started a long overdue conversation the Jamaican diaspora in Canada. Jozanne is definitely one of Jamaica's most beautiful creations. We will be doing our part to keep this conversation active in the diaspora and "back a yard" when it comes to uplifting women.

    Jozanne got her feet wet as a member of the New York City touring ensemble, Family Life Theater, where she toured for three years uplifting the youth through acting. Inspired by the positive impact performing had on this community, Jozanne took the next step and went on to study acting, and is a graduate of the prestigious, The Acting Studio Conservatory, in New York City. She has appeared in Film, TV and Theatre productions, including Tears of the Sun, with Bruce Willis, Taming of the Shrew at the Globe Theatre, Marisol, Vanities, No Exit and De Donde? She has also been a principal actor in many National Commercials, including writing and starring in a National Campaign for Sprite.

    In the world of Poetry, Jozanne has performed for some of the largest church communities of audiences between 500-10,000 (West Angeles, In His Presence, Faithful Central, One Church, P4CM, The Vine), popular coffee houses (Nuyorican Café, New York Comedy Club) major corporations (Neutrogena and Sprite) as well as colleges (CSUN, South, Biola University, John Jay College, UCLA, Moorpark College). Her poetry workshop SPIT teaches inner city youths to make a difference in their communities by using their own unique voices re social issues, such as gang violence, global warming and GMOs.


    In 2014 her project MEN MAKING A CHANGE was requested and presented to, First Lady, Michelle Obama. Jozanne is also an ordained minister, which explains why her work transcends age, ethnicity and speaks to the heart of humanity.


    Ms. Marie is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Dramatist Guild; Board Member and Membership Director for the African Artist Association, and an Associate Programmer for The Bentoville Film Festival which champions women and diverse voices in media.


    Dr. Pamela Abramson-Levine

    Pediatric and Maternal Family Practice Non-Force Chiropractor

    Dr. Pamela Abramson-Levine is a Pediatric and Maternal Family Practice Non-Force Chiropractor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in Santa Monica. She has a passion for helping her patients live their healthiest lives naturally. Dr. A. also practiced as a doula and childbirth educator, so when her own first child was born early and had breastfeeding challenges, she was quite surprised (because this isn’t supposed to happen to one who is so prepared and so health-conscious!) Yet this was one of her biggest lessons.

    She found the support and help she needed—but it was not easy to advocate for herself and her baby. This inspired Dr. A. to focus her practice on pregnant and new mothers and their babies, and to eventually become an IBCLC; weaving those skills into her Pediatric and Maternal Non-Force Chiropractic Family Practice. Dr. Abramson-Levine conducts talks and workshops to help individuals and families learn more about how to live and maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle. She has been practicing since 1993, and is also the mother of two teen-aged children.


    AJ Moultrie

    Music Artist

    AJ Moultrie is a multidisciplinary music artist specializing in performance art, creative direction, and digital design. AJ recently received a BA from UC Berkeley in Media Studies. As the former chair of the Black Student Union at Cal, AJ is an active community organizer and works to liberate the voices of all silenced identities through media communication, artistic expression, and interpersonal fellowship.

    As the host of the hit radio show/podcast called Black Voice on KGPC 96.9 FM , AJ works to stimulate meaningful dialogue between groups all over the Bay Area on topics within society, economy, politics, entertainment, etc. AJ, the One performs music to inspire diverse audiences to heal and be empowered within their individuality. She combines her passion as a creative artist and community organizer to inspire others to use their own creative artistry for the good of community. Read more at www.ajtheone.com


    Catherine Conrad-Saydah

    Marketing Professional

    Catherine has built a career in the advertising industry focused on client services, marketing and account operations. She’s a senior level account and operations director with an exceptional track record of success at both top NY and LA agencies, working on a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 and government accounts (from Goldman Sachs to Covered California), creating award-winning projects for print, digital, video and broadcast. Catherine’s projects have ranged from brand positioning and management to 360 campaign launches to acquisitions/fulfillment/retention and new business pitches.


    Both professionally and personally, Catherine operates as a collector, connector, cultivator and communicator – and she uses those traits to create and collaborate on any project she gets involved with – whether chairing her alumnae chapter or volunteering with the ACS or working as a board member of an adventure racing organization.


    At her core, she is all of these things: Adventurer. Auntie extraordinaire. Wellness enthusiast. Navigator. Essay writer. Global culturalist. Language absorber. Dog and cat petter. Seeker.



    Abigail Cruz


    Abby Cruz is a journalist for ABC NEWS (WASHINGTON D.C.) and a young members committee chairman for the National Press Club. Born and Raised in Philadelphia, she started her reporting journey at the Philadelphia Daily News before taking a leap of faith and moving to Washington D.C. Through tireless non stop reporting days and nights, Abby landed at ABC where she is thrilled to call her home.


    She is the first in her family to graduate from both high school and college and is a firm believer in education being the key to endless life possibilities. From the tough streets of North Philly, she was raise by her grandma who was a first generation immigrant from Mexico that still does not speak any English.


    "She's been here for 40 years but 20 of them she had me she didn't have to learn," Cruz likes to say.


    At one point in her life, Abby had full custody of both of her younger sisters making her the head of the family and living a majority of her late teens/early 20's providing for them. Although this was the toughest time in her life, being a mother is something priceless that builds strength beyond belief. She hopes her TEDX brings hope and faith for anyone going tough times...there is light at the end of the tunnel.



    Joyce Bosen

    COO and Founder of Trauma Recovery Yoga​

    Joyce is a certified yoga teacher who has experienced multiple traumas which have gifted her with a profound empathy and has drawn her to work with marginalized populations. In 2012 after watching her 22-year-old son die, Joyce’s desire to help was turbo-boosted. She began to research her PTSD diagnosis and work with other mind body professionals to create a method that helped relieve her each symptom. After counselors observed her improvement, she was asked to teach this method at the vet center where she herself was receiving talk therapy and quickly found herself very busy teaching at many agencies who needed this style of science-based yoga as a somatic intervention and therapy.


    Joyce and her husband Darwin co-founded the not for profit Trauma Recovery Yoga soon after and have since placed trainees of this method in spaces to teach: at-risk youth at multiple schools, traumatic brain injury patients, PTSD vets and over-comers of other traumas such as traumatic grief, sexual assault, and domestic violence. In 2017 Trauma Recovery Yoga was awarded “The Compassionate Cities Award” by the mayor of Las Vegas after the 1 October shooting, for T.R.Y.s offering of free classes in 11 locations across the Las Vegas community for those effected.


    In June 2018, Trauma Recovery Yoga traveled to Denver, CO representing the City of Las Vegas where they competed for and won the “All American Cities Award” for their work bringing these self-regulation tools to the at-risk youth in Las Vegas through their “Mindful Movement” program. Trauma Recovery Yoga classes are now taught nationwide.

    June Marisa Kaewsith

    Professional Artist and Wellness Consultant

    June Marisa Kaewsith, also known as "Jumakae," is a professional artist, wellness consultant, and storytelling coach. As an artist, she has conducted spoken word workshops and mural projects with various youth groups, and has facilitated theater skits with community members addressing local issues from workers' rights to environmental justice. As a keynote speaker, she has motivated crowds through her original poetry in high schools, college campuses, and various nonprofit groups throughout California. Clients who have sought her as a storytelling coach are change agents who have gone on to tell their stories on large stages in front of thousands of people, entrepreneurs pitching project proposals and product launches to board rooms for a handful of investors and funders, and individuals or artists seeking confidence in their ability to speak authentically and perform their work publicly.


    Her online interview series, "Your Story Medicine," is an immersion of changemakers and entrepreneurs in the field of coaching, the arts, and wellness with an aim to inspire women of color to reclaim their ancestral healing practices. She currently serves as a speakers' advocate in Lisa Nichols' program "Ignite Your Speaking," and is an assistant business coach to Shereen Sun's Muse Business Academy educating clients on how to create their signature talks and workshops to serve as medicine for the masses. Through her additional practice as a wellness consultant, she is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher trained to work with survivors of sexual trauma through Peace Over Violence and a transformational life coach (which she rephrases as "life doula") with a professional certification from Leadership That Works. With her passion for the arts and somatic learning, she holds self-care and storytelling workshops for organizations and individuals to strengthen team relationships and wellness culture from a social justice and trauma-informed lens.

    Writer, Producer, & Comedian

    Selina Ringel is an award winning Writer, Producer & Comedian. Selina has collaborated with an enormous amount of talent including Issa Rae ( INSECURE) , Lee Aronsohn ( TWO AND A HALF MEN), Salvador Paskowitz ( AGE OF ADELINE), Rob Schneider ( DEUCE BIGALOW, MALE GIGALOW). She was selected as one of twenty upcoming emerging Latino creators for the Tomorrows Filmmakers Today program sponsored by HBO & The Academy. Most recently a feature film called THE BEST PEOPLE, which she wrote and produced was picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films and is out on Amazon right now. Selina is in the Groundlings program, she is also performing stand up regularly at clubs and bars including the Improv, The Ice House, The Comedy Store, The Dime, The Whaler, Flappers and has a show coming up at The Laugh Factory. Selina got her MFA at the AFI Conservatory.

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